Rabbi Lider celebrates with the nurses at Kings County Hospital

Ahavas Chesed’s founder and director was invited to offer guidance and blessings to Kings County Hospital nurses, during their celebration for National Nurses Appreciation Week. In front of a room packed with nurses and their admirers from the surrounding community, Rabbi … Continue reading

רגעים של התעלות ואושר: דניאל מזרחי מבקר בניו יורק

בגיל 25 הוא לומד תורה, כותב שירים שאף הוציא שני אלבומים ומרצה מבוקש ברחבי ישראל. ההספק של דניאל מזרחי היה מרשים כל אדם גם בלי שהיינו מוסיפים את המידע הבא: דניאל נולד כשהוא סובל משיתוק מוחין שהלך והחריף עם השנים. … Continue reading

A Thank You Letter From The Ceitlin Family

עברית אחרי אנגלית Dear Rabbi Lider, Our family want to give you our heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude for all the care and assistance you gave our beloved father during his final illness. Our father, Rabbi Aaron Eliezer Ceitlin z”l, … Continue reading

Let’s make the Pesach happy and kosher together

SCROLL DOWN TO DONATE עברית אחרי אנגלית For more than 1500 years, Jewish communities around the world have organized Kimcha d’Pischa flour for Passover), a special fundraising event, helping people in need to celebrate Pesach. Continuing this important tradition, Ahavas … Continue reading

Ahavas Chesed Needs You – אנחנו צריכים אותך לאהבת חסד

A letter from Rabbi Avraham Lider of Ahavas Chesed: עברית אחרי אנגלית Dear Community and Friends, Ahavas Chesed has been serving Crown Heights and people worldwide for over thirty years. Our organization offers crucial assistance in times of medical crisis, … Continue reading

Thank you letter from the Bell family – תודה רבה ממשפחת בל

עברית אחרי אנגלית Throughout more than 30 years of Ahavas Chesed, we received many letters from people who came to seek our help. With the writers’ permission we are happy to share with you such a letter. Dear Rabbi Lider, We … Continue reading

Ahavas Chesed is expanding its work in Israel

Rabbi Avrohom Lider director of Ahavas Chesed International has traveled to Israel last week to support the people in Israel. Rabbi Lider visited the child Shmuel Badichy that Ahavas Chesed brought to the US for urgent treatment, and is now back … Continue reading

Thank You Letter From 5 Years Old Cancer Patient’s Family

Dear Ahavas Chesed, We are writing to say a heartfelt “thank you” to Ahavas Chesed and your team of wonderful volunteers for all the extraordinary assistance you have given our family. You went above and beyond in your efforts to … Continue reading

Thank You Letter From The Chitrik Family

We recently received a Thank You letter from the Chitrik family in Crown Heights and with their permission, we are happy to present it to you. Ahavas Chesed Dear Friends, A few weeks ago, our mother collapsed and was rushed … Continue reading

Another Ahavas Chesed’s Service: Shabbos Taxi for medical purposes

Ahavas Chesed is offering to Crown Height’s residents, for non-emergency, (woman in labor, stitches, etc.) an urgent transport to the hospital, call a SHABBOS TAXI. Your driver will: • Open & close car doors • Carry bags to and from taxi … Continue reading