Rabbi Lider celebrates with the nurses at Kings County Hospital

Ahavas Chesed’s founder and director was invited to offer guidance and blessings to Kings County Hospital nurses, during their celebration for National Nurses Appreciation Week.2016-05-12_1443_1

In front of a room packed with nurses and their admirers from the surrounding community, Rabbi Lider, who is also the hospital’s chaplain, delivered an emotional message in which he described the nurses as partners with G-d Almighty in healing the sick.

“In all my years of work”, said Rabbi Lider, “I am celebrating the nurses every day and not only in the Nurses Week because I witness how you are there for the patients day and night, comforting them during their time of need and saving their lives”.

Rabbi Lider continued by saying that the nurses’ work would be rewarded by the G-d Almighty, thanked them for the opportunity to celebrate with them, and blessed the nurses with good health and strength to continue their mission of service.

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