Shabbos Taxi

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT For non-emergency, (woman in labor, stitches, etc.) urgent transport to the hospital, call a SHABBOS TAXI. Your driver will: • Open & close car doors • Carry bags to and from taxi • Not ask for payment … Continue reading

Medical Referrals

One of the flagship Ahavas Chesed’s programs is our medical referral line that is manned 24-hours by professional staff answering requests for referrals, guidance, or support. Our team maintains close friendships with prominent physicians and medical centers, keeping up with … Continue reading

Medical Equipment

For patients with long-term recoveries, adjustments out of the hospital are as overwhelming, if not more so, than in the structured daily life under a doctor’s care. Ahavas Chesed’s well-stocked loan center of wheelchairs, hospital beds and other medical equipment … Continue reading

Medical Transportation

Whether in need of a ride to doctor’s appointment or a shuttle from one hospital to another, Ahavas Chesed will always have a driver ready to pick up the need. In many cases, patients with no cars must attend long-term … Continue reading

Blood Drives

Healthy blood saves lives in the crucial seconds after a vehicle accident or in the days suffering a life-threatening illness. The Ahavas Chesed blood drives, in partnership with Maimonides Hospital, draw donations from dozens of Brooklyn residents each month. This blood is especially … Continue reading

Hot Meals

Home cooked Kosher meals are prepared daily and delivered to patients throughout the five boroughs. For Shabbat and Jewish holidays, each patient, and the family members that stay with them, receives a personal package with challah rolls, grape juice and … Continue reading

Home Healthcare

Ahavas Chesed provides referrals and resources for hiring dependable home care professionals. For those in need who are not in the hospital, we can arrange ongoing care at home that is with special consideration for the needs of observant Jewish … Continue reading

Emergency Financial Assistance

We try to be prepared, but what happens when an accident happens? At Ahavas Chesed, we recognize that love alone cannot pay for the unbearable costs of ongoing medical care. We are here to ensure that everyone can afford to … Continue reading

Chanukah Toy Drive

Every child deserves a Happy Chanukah When Mommy and Tatty don’t have enough money to pay the bills, there might be no toys or Chanukah Gelt for their kinderlach. But you can help put a smile on a child’s face! … Continue reading