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Brain Cancer Patient Flown to Israel With Help of our Donors

This past week Ahavas Chesed assisted a well-known member of the community, an Israeli woman who was diagnosed with brain cancer. She was an Israeli citizen, and had to return to Israel for treatment. Her sister in Israel wanted to … Continue reading

7 Tips For a Healthy Heart / Ahavas Chesed

“Maintaining a healthy and sound body is among the ways of God” (Rambam, Deot, 4-1) While going through our daily life, it is hard to think about the little organ that allows us to function–our heart. It working 24/7, pumping … Continue reading

Dr. Rosen: “The community owes Ahavas Chesed a debt of gratitude”

There is no one in Crown Heights that doesn’t know Dr. Eli Rosen. The neighborhood’s physician that had the privilege to take care of the Rebbe, in a surprising open letter: Dear Friends, I have been a family doctor in our … Continue reading

Av 9th: Health Tips for Fasting | Ahavas Chesed

לעברית – גללו למטה ונשמרתם מאוד לנפשותכם. Stay safe and healthy by following these steps, before, during and after the fast. Before fasting : Hydrate! Most of the unpleasantness associated with a fast does not come from lack of food, … Continue reading

A Lesson from the Holy Temple’s Destruction

לעברית – גללו למטה Many days in the Jewish calendar are designed for us to remember the special bond with Almighty G-d and to commemorate specific events, but the reason for those memories is to also look to the future. … Continue reading

Tammuz 17 – Health Tips for Fasting

עברית אחרי אנגלית: The night before fasting . . . Hydrate! Most of the unpleasantness associated with a fast does not come from lack of food, but rather from lack of fluid. The solution is to drink as much water as possible … Continue reading

New Specially Equipped Ambulette To Serve Crown Heights

Yerachmeal and Rivka Leah Jacobson dedicated a new ambulette vehicle to Ahavas Chesed in honor of his charitable mother. By: 100 family members and friends of the Jacobson family gathered Tuesday to dedicate a new, state-of-the-art Ambulette to the … Continue reading

A Message from Ahavas Chesed Executive Director

As The World Moves Forward – So Do We What started 35 years ago as a small community assistance organization in Crown Heights has grown in recent years with the spread of our community around the world, and with the … Continue reading

Days of joy and happiness: Daniel Mizrahi in New York

By twenty-five years of age Daniel Mizrachi was learning Torah, and traveling throughout Israel as a respected, and sought after, lecturer. When not occupied with these pursuits Daniel engaged in song writing, his efforts resulting in two published albums. Impressive … Continue reading