New Specially Equipped Ambulette To Serve Crown Heights

Yerachmeal and Rivka Leah Jacobson dedicated a new ambulette vehicle to Ahavas Chesed in honor of his charitable mother.

Ahavas Chesed Ambulette

THE INAUGURATION OF THE NEW AMBULETTE. From left to right: Reb Yerachmeal Jacobson, his mother – Mrs. Feige Jacobson, his wife – Rivka Leah Jacobson, and Rabbi Avraham Lider, Ahavas- Chesed Executive Director


100 family members and friends of the Jacobson family gathered Tuesday to dedicate a new, state-of-the-art Ambulette to the Ahavas Chesed organization in Crown Heights.

The specially equipped van, for transporting disabled or convalescent passengers in nonemergency circumstances, will be available for use by community members daily during regular office hours and after hours by request.

The ambulette was donated by businessman Yerachmeal Jacobson and his wife Rivka Leah, in honor of Yerachmeal’s mother, Mrs. Feige Jacobson of Crown Heights.

Yerachmeal Jacobson and his mother, Mrs. Feige Jacobson speaking at the inauguration celebreation

Yerachmeal Jacobson and his mother, Mrs. Feige Jacobson speaking at the inauguration cellebreation


Feige Jacobson is renowned in the community for her acts of kindness and open home, where she cares for many in need, never turning anyone away who needs help.

“My mother’s whole life is Chesed,” said Yerachmeal Jacobson, “so when the opportunity came to help the community with this service, I immediately thought this would be in my mother’s honor. I am so proud to be a part of the organization’s care for the community.”

Dr. Eli Rosen, community doctor, spoke about how vital the Ahavas Chesed organization’s work is, and that the new ambulette had already helped his own family, transporting his 98 year old mother-in-law to the doctor.

Dr. Eli Rosen with Rabbi Avraham Lider

Dr. Eli Rosen with Rabbi Avraham Lider

“Not everyone remembers to say thank you after they’ve been helped,” Rosen said. “It’s so important that we support the great work of Rabbi Lider.”

Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky, a Mashpia in Oholei Torah and local resident, also thanked Ahavas Chesed for their work helping his family.

Participants enjoyed a hot buffet, and wine donated by Wine by the Case.

The Jacobson family and the famous Charlie Button

The Jacobson family and the famous Charlie Button

Rabbi Avraham Lider, director of Ahavas Chesed, thanked the Jacobson family for their gift.

“25 years ago, when we got our first ambulette, I had no idea how needed it actually was,” Rabbi Lider said.

“It is now used on a daily basis, and is so important for so many in our community. We are deeply grateful to Yerachmeal and his wife for taking on this project, which we hope will only be used for good and happy things.”

While the new ambulette the expansive equipment is the donation of the Jacobson family, the high operational costs are still to be covered. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! 

Reviewing the specially equipped ambulette

Reviewing the specially equipped ambulette

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