When a Muslim lady call the Rabbi

In his work with sick patients over the past 30 years, Rabbi Avraham Lider has witnessed some extraordinary moments and literal miracles. Ten days ago a social worker from a local hospital urgently called Rabbi Lider at home. “There is … Continue reading

Ahavas Chesed stands by stabbing victim

On Wednesday morning, Leiby Brikman, was stabbed in the back on Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights. From the moment that Leiby arrived at Kings county hospital Rabbi Lieder and his team at Ahavas Chesed have stood by his and his … Continue reading

WhatsApp group for Ahavas Chesed’s volunteers

Ahavas Chesed’s work is growing every day and we are always in need for more volunteers for hospital visits, driving sick people to treatments and more. Join our Crown Heights volunteering WhatsApp group by adding 347-831-1383 to your contacts as “Ahavas Chesed,” … Continue reading

We Are There For You

WE ARE THERE FOR YOU If you know of someone who is in the hospital, please don’t hesitate to call us at (718) 221-2424 so that we can assist you with everything that you might need. It is often difficult … Continue reading

Doctors of Chesed

DOCTORS OF CHESED The Rebbe always said to follow the advice of a “Rofeh Yedid,” a doctor who is a friend. When people call our telephone hotline we always stress how important it is that they should consult with a … Continue reading

Ahavas Chesed Ambulette

AHAVAS CHESED AMBULETTE This summer Ahavas Chesed was able to purchase an ambulette, fully equipped for wheelchair passengers. There is a great need for an ambulette, and it is being used constantly to transport patients. One of our wheelchair-bound patients … Continue reading