WhatsApp group for Ahavas Chesed’s volunteers

Ahavas Chesed’s work is growing every day and we are always in need for more volunteers for hospital visits, driving sick people to treatments and more. Join our Crown Heights volunteering WhatsApp group by adding 347-831-1383 to your contacts as “Ahavas Chesed,” then WhatsApp the number with the word “Join”.

Recently a community member was in the Emergency Room at a local hospital for many hours. They desperately needed someone to bring them food. Ahavas Chesed put it on WhatsApp, and a kind volunteer immediately came over to the ER, bearing delicious kosher food.

Last week someone from the community urgently called us. Their invalid mother needed to go outside, but she could not get down two flights of stairs. We put it on WhatsApp, and within 5 minutes two volunteers came to carry her down.


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