Another Ahavas Chesed’s Service: Shabbos Taxi for medical purposes

Ahavas Chesed is offering to Crown Height’s residents, for non-emergency, (woman in labor, stitches, etc.) an urgent transport to the hospital, call a SHABBOS TAXI.

Your driver will:
• Open & close car doors
• Carry bags to and from taxi
• Not ask for payment

To use this service:
1. Call Rainbow Car Service: 718-498-4444
2. Say you are a Jewish patient going to the hospital, and it is the Jewish Sabbath or a Jewish Holiday
3. Mention account code: CHESED

This service is for stable patients in non life-threatening situations. For an emergency or when in doubt, ALWAYS call Hatzolah: 718-387-1750

We wish for your health and that you will never need to use our service however, we recommend you to print the following image and keep in your house, for time it may be needed.

Shabbos Taxi

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