Thank You Letter From The Chitrik Family

We recently received a Thank You letter from the Chitrik family in Crown Heights and with their permission, we are happy to present it to you. Ahavas Chesed

Thank you letter chitrik ahavas chesed

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, our mother collapsed and was rushed to Kings County Hospital by Hatzolah. Rabbi Lieder was called upon immediately and he was waiting for us at the hospital when we arrived. By the time we got there, a trauma team was waiting and ready to attend to our mother and they provided the best possible care for her.

This was a very painful time for our family but the help of Rabbi Lieder and Ahavas Chesed made a massive difference for us personally and to the health and recovery of our mother. During this entire process Rabbi Lieder personally ensured that our mother got the best care possible. He was instrumental in arranging the best possible accommodations and care for our mother while she was in the hospital; he also arranged accommodations for our family over Shabbos.  

When it came time for the next step, Rabbi Lieder recommended that we use a rehab facility in Boro Park. With his connections in the medical community, he was able to arrange top of the line care for our mother while she was recovering in rehab. Finally, when it was time to bring her 

home, Rabbi Lieder provided us with all the necessary medical equipment that we needed at home. 

Personally, Rabbi Lieder and Ahavas Chessed’s assistance during this entire process lifted a very heavy burden off our shoulders and allowed us to focus on our mother’s recovery. There was nothing that was too difficult or too complicated for Rabbi Lieder and Ahavas Chessed, and our family is extremely grateful for their assistance during this time. The work of Ahavas Chessed is crucial for anyone who has ever experienced a medical crisis. 

We wish everyone excellent health. If you ever reach out to Rabbi Lieder you will surely be given royal treatment and this is why we are writing this letter today. Please consider supporting their important work so that if you ever need them God forbid, they will be there for you as well. 


The Chitrik Family

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